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Join RE/MAX Real Estate Group

At RE/MAX Real Estate, we guide our agents to be successful through our dedicated support staff and strategic strength-based management approach. Our collaborative culture and forward-thinking solutions for our agents and clientele distinguishes RE/MAX Real Estate Group as a market leader.

As a market leader, RE/MAX Real Estate Group provides its agents in all regional offices with the tools needed to succeed:

Below is RE/MAX Real Estate Group commission structures. 



100% Commision plan - Takes sales of $468,000. at 3% to cover cost.

  • $1175 per month for 12 mo = $




  • Your receive 100% of all your commissions 

  • Sales of $468,000 at 3% covers office fees for the year. All Commissions on sales after that is in pocket. This could be one or two houses.


70/30 Commision plan -  Once the commission cap of $14,100 is reached you receive 100% of your commissions.  

  • $238 per month until your reach the cap of $


  • 30% of each commission check is deducted until you reach the cap of 



  • 47k

     in gross commissions needed to reach $



     cap which is an estimated sales amount of $468,000 at 3% commision.  At this split you make $32,900 you paid $14,100  + your $238 per month.



Team - team member caps at $7500 WHICH IS SALES OF $250,000 AT 3% COMMISION.

  • $250 per month - paid by lead or as you set up.

  • 30% or a min or $500 per deal is deducted until you reach the cap of $7500 (25k in gross commissions needed to reach $7,500 cap) Team member

  • All commission (before and after you 


    reach your cap) will be split with your team leader - split is decided between you guys. 

  • Once the commission cap of $7500 is reached YOU receive 100% to split with team member. 


1% of gross all commissions always are billed monthly regardless of the option you choose, this 1% goes to international